Monday Night Ride


a weekly group ride consisting of our favorite local terrains.
Some of these routes are old favorites that have been in rotation since earlier GLK rides.
Others are new technical routes. Either way the night will be full of fast (spicy) riding, team work tactics
to conserve energy, and brief moments of horseplay on bikes.
Check out our Group page for happenings on monday nights.

Meet up @ 630pm
Roll out @7pm

Bring what you need!

Helmet | Lights | Tubes | Tools | $$ | Safety Supplies





Weekend Adventures

Early Saturday or Sunday mornings we depart on exciting tours around the city.
The rides vary from breweries to secret sandwich spots, all within riding distance.
The pace is friendly as is the company. We travel by bicycle.
Come on a journey with us. We have about 1 ride a month. With most starting from Whittier, CA
Stay tuned to our Group page for up-to-date details.