Heritage Grand Prix 2 around the corner!!

We are very excited for the 2nd race of the Socal Fixed Series, coming on Saturday March 5th @8pm in Santa Fe Springs, CA. We have lots of works put into producing this event. We are planning colored lights at the hairpin, a projector at the finish with live video feed (courtesy of @cyclefeedlive), Music Truck, Lots of Merch, & a motorcycle pace car. All the electronics at this point are contingent of rain and how much… Either way the boys will battle it out on the course!

We will follow up with post footage & details of the end..

Dont forget to follow for live feed on periscope, ig, snap, & twitter.

GLK road trip to Austin, TX


GLK vs Austin, TX

For one weekend Wolfpack Hustle made Austin Texas fixie Mecca to its LA loyals. GLK piled it’s 6 riders in 2 cars and took the 24hr pilgrimage for everything it was worth. We may not have pulled a podium that weekend, but the sights, the sounds, the food and the racing will forever be remembered. If Wolfpack makes this happen again ( we’ve got fingers crossed) there is no doubt in our attendance. Thank you to Don “roadblock” Ward, and all who made this happen. Enjoy this edit. We enjoyed creating it.

Photo Gallery Coming

Photos coming

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Riding a race bike is an art – a thing that you do because you feel something inside.
Valentino Rossi

Every racer knows what drives them to push harder, work more, its a certain magic that can’t be explained.


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